A new approach

C\Prof is a new approach for gaining business and operational value from the CICS internal trace. C\Prof peeks inside CICS, but doesn’t interfere with its execution. It is not a monitor and does not require changes to CICS. Unlike traditional approaches, C\Prof makes the CICS trace inexpensive to capture and simple to interpret.

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Multiple modes

Profiling: an application perspective of the trace

When collecting data continuously or in short bursts, the insights captured by C\Prof allow you to:

No matter your role, C\Prof has you covered:

Near-real time transaction detail:

Capturing the problem is a snap

With C\Prof, you no longer need to reproduce the problem—simply take a snapshot of the CICS internal trace to create an on-demand auxiliary trace data set at a fraction of the cost. Unlike the CICS auxiliary trace which captures events that may occur in the future, a C\Prof auxiliary trace data set contains a record of what happened in CICS in the recent past. This allows you to capture and analyze problems when they first occur without waiting for it to happen again.

Record, trace, load, and profile

Use record like you would the CICS auxiliary trace but with more control and less overhead. Analyze the resulting auxiliary trace data sets using C\Prof, or use your existing trace reporting tools as desired. Better still, import your auxiliary trace data sets into the C\Prof transaction profiler to reveal transaction performance metrics and dive into the trace events themselves.

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